About us


Chantal and Marc met at Alfred college during their studies between 1983 and 1985.

In 1986, Marc acquired his first cleaner with the encouragement of his father.

Initially, it cleaned about 200 MT per year.  From this moment, cleaning capacity doubles every year.

In 1990, it cleaned 2000 Mt of soybeans that it sends to the export to the Asian market.

Marc quickly realized the link between agriculture and food.

It is in 1996 that the company was incorporated and became Bercier Seed Cleaning Center Inc .  Chantal and Marc are equal partner in the business.

Shortly thereafter, Marc formed a company with six other partners in southern Ontario: PRO Seeds of Canada.

Over the years, the Cleaning Centre continues to evolve and expand.

Important business are established from Southern Ontario up to the Maritimes.

In the Field

Apart from the Cleaning Centre, Marc and Chantal are also producers.

Their son Guillaume has made studies in agriculture and is now in charge of the fields.  He is the fourth generation of Bercier on the farm.

In 2012, the farm formed a partnership between Chantal, Marc and Guillaume.  It now operates under the name of Ferme Agriber Inc.